Tony Bennett , American singer Tony Bennett , The legend , Tony Bennett dead , King of American Songbook ,(August 3, 1926 – July 21, 2023)

Tony Bennett american king of songbook

Tony Bennett , American singer Tony Bennett , The legend , Tony Bennett dead , King of American Songbook ,(August 3, 1926 – July 21, 2023) ,American singer Tony Bennett, renowned internationally for giving classic songs a new life, passed away at the age of 96.Bennett’s death occurred on Friday morning in New York City, according to the singer’s spokesperson. He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2016. Which prevented him from recording new music or performing live. However, in 2021, at the age of 95, he achieved success with his second duet album “Lady Gaga, Love for Sale,” reaching the Billboard Top 10 and winning two emotional performances at the Radio City Music Hall that year.

Lets remember the Legend

In the 1950s, Bennett emerged as a polished crooner, establishing himself among the most popular hit-makers in the radio era. His identity was like a tailored suit: age-appropriate yet ageless and stylish.

During his early 20s, Bennett served in the G.I. Bill and studied the technicalities of singing, with a special focus on the Bel Canto technique. He claimed that a trainer advised him to imitate phrases of instrumentalists to discover his own voice.In 1950, after impressing a demo producer, Mitch Miller, Bennett signed with Columbia Records. He went on to sell millions of records and enjoyed a decade of success.

Bennett became famous as a singer, but he loved jazz. His sensitive nature was praised by Duke Ellington and Miles Davis. “I feel like composers enjoy playing with Tony and have fun listening to him,” said Ralph Sharon, Bennett’s longtime pianist for over 50 years, in an NPR interview in 1998.

While Bennett wanted to sing with everyone, he enjoyed listening to them. His popularity as a headliner enabled him to record with art Blakey and Count Basie orchestras.

Sharon believed that regardless of the style Bennett attempted, one thing was evident: “I feel that this was absolutely it, and he had an identity-worthy voice.” “I believe that you always had doubts if this was him,” Sharon added.Bennett’s career started with the song “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” in 1962, which set him on his path to stardom,which was hit internationally

Benet used his celebrity status to advocate for social causes, just like civil rights. In 1965, during the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, performers staged a demonstration. This event is referred to as “Bloody Sunday.” In 2013, on CNN, Harry Belafonte encouraged Benet to endure the violence and march in Montgomery to protest and play a part in the civil rights movement.

In 1994, he performed on MTV Unplugged with k.d. lang.

The success of the show and the CD paved the way for another 20 years of Benet’s illustrious career, introducing his voice to new audiences. He recorded duets with Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga, breaking records for recording with the most artists, gaining a massive following of fans and new admirers.

Music was his passion, and it was the key to his long life. Though is body is announced “death” but he always remain alive in our heart “We never forget the legend “

Tony Bennett Inshort life story

Tony Bennett, born Anthony Dominick Benedetto (August 3, 1926 – July 21, 2023), was an American vocalist. Bennett received numerous awards over his career, including 20 Grammys, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and two Primetime Emmys. He was a Kennedy Centre Honoree and an NEA Jazz Master, and he founded the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens, New York.Bennett has sold over 50 million records globally.

Bennett started singing at a young age. He served as an infantryman in the United States Army during the last phases of World War II. In the European Theatre. Following that, he improved his vocal skills, signed with Columbia Records. And had his first number-one hit with “Because of You” in 1951. In early 1953, several popular songs such as “Rags to Riches” were released. He subsequently modified his method to include jazz singing. With records like The Beat of My Heart and Basie Swings, Bennett Sings, he reached his artistic pinnacle in the late 1950s. Bennett recorded “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” in 1962, which became his hallmark tune. During the height of the rock music period, his career and personal life took a long downhill. Bennett launched a revival in the late 1980s and 1990s, releasing gold record albums and broadening his appeal to the MTV generation while maintaining his musical approach.

He sang several duets and organised performances with many notable American and foreign singers. including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Connie Francis, Elena Zagorskaya, and others, during his career.

Bennett’s work remained popular and critically acclaimed well into the twenty-first century. Late in his career, he received newfound fame for his collaboration with Lady Gaga, which began with the album Cheek to Cheek (2014). The two singers toured together to promote the record in 2014 and 2015. Bennett surpassed the solo record for the longest run of a top-10 album on the Billboard . 200 chart for any living artist with the release of the duo’s second album. Love for Sale his first top-10 record was I Left My Heart in San Francisco in 1962. Bennett also broke the Guinness World Record for the oldest person to release an album of new material, at the age of 95 years and 60 days.
In February 2021, it was revealed that Bennett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2016. Due to the slow progression of his illness. He continued to record, tour, and perform until his retirement from concerts due to physical challenges. Which was announced after his final performances on August 3 and 5, 2021, at Radio City Music Hall. According to Tony Bennett wikipedia

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