‘The Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner announced as the first The Golden Bachelor’

The golden bachelor ABC’s spin-off of “The Bachelor” is set to premiere for seniors, and the hero, 71-year-old Gary Turner, confirmed on Monday’s “Good Morning America.” Turner is originally from Iowa and has been searching for love since losing his 43-year-old wife, Tony, to illness in 2017.

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“I’m originally from Iowa, but now I reside in the beautiful valley of Indiana. All dance activities appeal to me! I enjoy taking my grandchildren on pontoon boat trips and competing with them in jet ski races. As he told BachelorNation.com, “I have two daughters and two granddaughters.”

Turner, a former restaurateur, currently resides in Indiana. According to ABC, the show is a mature spin on the classic reality series, showcasing women in their senior years “living life to the fullest through experiences of love, loss, and laughter, igniting a spark in their limitless future.”

According to US Weekly, the casting call for the show mentioned that the producers were looking for “active and outgoing single men and women in their ‘golden years’ and ‘senior citizens’ who are generally 65 years and above.”The Bachelor” franchise has seen several Iowa connections. Turner may be the first prominent figure from Iowa.

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Kissing farmer Chris Soules from northeastern Iowa debuted on his season of “The Bachelor” in 2015 after being spotted as a contestant on “The Bachelorette” in 2014. Zach Shallcross, a resident of Bloomfield, Iowa, who currently resides in Nashville, appeared on the pink-dress date in the most recent season. Caleb Bogard, often known as “Caleb B,” will be a contestant on the current season of “The Bachelorette,” airing on ABC on Mondays


What qualities are producers looking for in potential Golden Bachelor cast members?

casting website asks applicants about physical attributes such as height, weight, hair color, and eye color. Other questions inquire about the candidates’ professions and income, educational background, and place of birth. More sensitive subjects include whether senior applicants have ever been to jail or have been declared bankrupt. “Why do you want to find love on TV?” is an essential question.

When will the premiere of the Golden Bachelor take place?

The new Bachelor spin-off will debut in ABC’s 2023 lineup. The announcement for the specific premiere date is yet to come. Regarding the cast, they will not be able to film this series much in advance, as we put restrictions on them.

How long has the Golden Bachelor spin-off been in the works?

The Senior Bachelor concept has been in development for more than three years. In January 2020, as part of the 24th season of Peter Weber’s “The Bachelor,” fans saw some casting commercials. Variety reported at the time that the show was expected to shoot and air in fall 2020, but the COVID-19 crisis disrupted those plans.

Who is the Golden Bachelor?

Gary Turner will be handing out roses on “The Golden Bachelor,” making him the first central figure in ABC’s Bachelor franchise to be senior-focused.

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After many days of speculation, ABC made a big reveal on Good Morning America on Monday, July 17, 2023, highlighting the differences between the 2010s and the 2030s and showcasing the new and exciting aspects between the 20s and the 30s.

Turner, a 71-year-old grandfather from Indiana (known as “Gary”), will transfer the roses in his fishing net. “He will post on his tattered net album,” according to the promo. “He has the ball in his court. He does early-bird specials.”

But perhaps the toughest difference of all: “If you call him, he’ll answer the phone.”

“He doesn’t have gray hair, he has wisdom highlights. He wants to retire in Florida and he wants to go there. He will be Gary, and I’ll be your first Golden Bachelor.

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